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New Leaf Beauty Clinic and Day Spa

We make you Look Good and Feel Good

Try our salon once, and you will want to return.

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The J ClubSavings

We recognise how hard it can be to find the extra few dollars to care for yourself after paying all the other bills.

For this reason we have introduced the J Club, a savings account to care for you.

Choose from Bronze, Silver, or Gold memberships and you can soon afford regular beauty treatments.

Savings schemes start at only $5 per week, or we can make a savings scheme to suit you.

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Salon Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 9.30 to 6.00

Tue, Thur 9.30 to 8.00

Saturday 9.00 to 4.00

After Hours and "at-home" bookings by arrangement

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On Line Bookings

Book at your convenience 24 / 7 and check your future appointments.

Counselling Service

Individuals seek counseling services for various reasons including stress, depression, anxiety, and relational issues.

Although different reasons drive individuals to seek counseling services, they all want the same result—the ability to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Contact me today and learn how the counseling services I offer can transform your life.

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Acupuncture Face Lift

Could sticking needles in my face make me look younger?

An acupuncture facelift seemed a bizarre idea. But at 48, I had become familiar with the signs of aging: drooping eyelids, sagging jowls, lines around my mouth. Fear of a “chicken neck” motivated me.

Some may shy away from needles, but the ones used by acupuncturists aren’t scary. “They’re tiny flexible needles, as thin as your hair,” says Karuna Olatunji

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